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Implant Dentistry

Dentistry has been evolving and advancing with some of the most amazing restorative and cosmetic solutions in recent years. Among them, dental implants are, perhaps, the most reliable and sought after restorations. They not only replace a missing tooth but also allow patients to bite and chew food like they earlier did. Here are some interesting aspects of dental implants which can help you understand them better.

Implants have three components

A common misconception is that a dental implant is one single piece that is inserted into the jawbone. But that isn’t true. An implant is composed of a metal implant stud that looks like a screw with grooves on its surface. It is usually made from hard and durable metal, such as titanium, and is inserted into the jawbone. A connecting element called an abutment is placed on the metal stud. The dentist will fabricate a ceramic crown after taking a digital mold of your teeth. It will be placed on the abutment and firmly held in place with the help of dental adhesives.

Prevent jawbone deterioration

When you lose a tooth in its entirety, a gap will be left in the jawbone as well. Also, when the tooth is extracted, a small amount of jawbone may be removed along with it. Over time, the jawbone may deteriorate and shrink, which could result in malocclusion or a change in the facial structure. But, when a dental implant replaces your tooth root, it holds the jawbone intact, thanks to the grooves on its surface. Your jawbone may eventually regain its full volume.

The most durable tooth restorations

A combination of titanium and dental-grade porcelain makes an implant one of the strongest dental appliances. The ceramic crown is highly durable and hardly wears with regular use, such as biting and chewing food. The abutment does an excellent job of holding the crown in position without changing the alignment or slipping off. Titanium is one of the strongest metals out there, which is almost impossible to break with the forces experienced by the teeth. You will no longer have to worry about the prosthetic tooth breaking or snapping off!

Amazing aesthetics combined with excellent functionality

Since the implant crown is made from dental-grade ceramic that is tooth-colored, it can be customized to a great extent. It’s contour, texture, color, and transparency can be mimicked to exactly match that of your natural teeth. Anyone who looks at your smile will not have the faintest idea that it is a prosthetic.


Reach out to us to know more about dental implants, and we’ll be happy to help.

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