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Implants to Restore Functionality and Esthetics

As you set out to replace your missing teeth, your dentist would walk you through a series of steps that would help you achieve a naturally aesthetic smile. Your restorative dentist highlights the importance of certain aesthetic conditions that most patients aren't well-aware of. For example, would it just be enough to replace those missing teeth or would you like them to be replaced in a way that they do not seem like artificial structures? Wanting a restoration that looks natural in appearance is one thing while ensuring that the supporting bone and gums that help withstand your new restoration appear natural too is another. This would require a bit of planning before the dental implant procedure.

Aesthetic Considerations For Implant Restoration

As you restore missing teeth with dental implants, the results from the procedure are obviously what matters. Restorative procedures such as placing crowns for missing teeth would pose certain challenges as a lot of aspects related to the bone and gum tissues would change after implant placement. This would require the hands of an expert to ensure an aesthetically pleasing smile that the patient would be proud to wear.

Below are the major aesthetic considerations for implant restoration:

1. Bone Tissue Enhancement:

A crucial aspect that decides the success rate of any dental implant procedure is bone density. The longer the tooth has been missing from the jawbone, the more likely are the chances for bone resorption to occur. In case the patient suffers from inadequate bone density, the dentist would recommend bone grafting or a sinus lift procedure. 

2. Optimal Implant Location

Placement of the implant at the right location is vital to ensure stable function and aesthetics. It should be able to address dental issues such as soft tissue deficiencies, maintain good occlusion and spacing.

3. Choosing the right implant

As you plan to replace your missing teeth, selecting the right number, type of implant and type of implant restoration is crucial to restoring the functional and aesthetic aspects of your missing teeth. This would require in-depth planning. Our San Ramon dentist would gladly walk you through the process.

4. Soft Tissue Management

Soft tissue management mainly involves the reconstruction of receded gum tissues with minor gum grafts allowing your smile to look fuller than before.

Discuss your missing teeth concerns with Dr. Balakrishna today for an aesthetically pleasing smile. Call our office at San Ramon or Livermore, CA or request an appointment online.

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