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Living with dental implants

Dental implants are known to be the best tooth restoratives to replace missing teeth. Patients who have got dental implants to replace their lost teeth express a lot of relief after getting them. This is because both oral aesthetics and functionality will be restored, and the patient wouldn’t have to hide their smile. With implants, you no longer have to inhibit your smile while posing for selfies or hold back your smile while greeting your loved ones.

The positives of dental implants

So, how would your life change after getting an implant? Would your facial aesthetics be altered? Here are some of the prominent advantages of dental implants:

In comparison with the other tooth replacement options such as dentures or dental bridges, an implant is stronger by many folds. Since it is fixed to the jawbone, implants wouldn’t break off or snap off when you bite into hard foods.

They look exactly like natural teeth as they are made from tooth-colored ceramic material. No one would ever get the faintest doubt that you have an implant in your mouth, even if they take a closer look.

The ceramic material used to manufacture the crown of the implant is highly durable. It would wear as much as your natural teeth do, which is minimal.

Once the implant stud gets firmly adhered to the jawbone, you wouldn’t feel any pain when you bite or chew food. The implant would last for several years without hassle, making it one of the worthiest dental investments you could make.

Since the implant replaces the root structure as well, it would prevent the drifting of teeth from their ideal positions.

Everyday life with dental implants

A dental implant would be the perfect replacement for your natural tooth. When it comes to strength, no alternative is as durable as an implant. Whenever you’re biting or chewing hard foods, you need not worry about the prosthetic tooth snapping off or breaking. This advantage is owing to the metal stud that is made from very hard metal, such as Titanium, and a highly durable ceramic crown. Even the everyday activities will not lead to severe wear, leaving the implant as good as new for many years.

When it comes to your self-confidence, there is a massive positive change. You wouldn’t have the thought of the missing tooth lingering around your mind every time you let out a smile. The appearance of a dental implant is so similar to a real tooth that even you wouldn’t be able to spot the differences when you look at it in a mirror. The best part of all is that your facial shape wouldn’t change due to jawbone deterioration. The implant would hold the jawbone together and keep the remaining natural teeth intact.

Reach out to our office in San Ramon and Livermore to understand more about dental implants, and we’d be glad to guide you further. Dr. Balakrishna has several years of experience treating patients with missing teeth. Call our office or request an appointment online to consult with our restorative dentist.

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