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Straighten Your Teeth With Invisalign

Invisalign® is helping people across the world acquire the smile of their dreams. With its translucent and non-metallic nature, invisible aligners can offer supreme comfort during treatment. Your San Ramon dentist, Dr. Balakrishna, is a certified provider of Invisalign® and can help your way through your orthodontic treatment.

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign®, also known as clear aligners, are tray-like, translucent, removable, orthodontic appliances that fit into the shape of the teeth. These teeth adjustment appliances are designed to shift teeth to their proper form and alignment in a specific period. Made with a thermoplastic material and fuelled with SmartTrack technology, Invisalign® offers the complete orthodontic package for crooked and misaligned teeth. 

Why choose Invisalign® in San Ramon for your orthodontic care?

Choosing Invisalign® for your orthodontic treatment has many benefits. It offers patients a clear, convenient, and comfortable remedy to their crooked smile. Below are the reasons why you must choose Invisalign®.

Faster Results: During treatment, aligners would be changed every week, and you'll be on your way to a quicker and straighter smile. 

Results That You Can See: Invisalign® comes with SmartForce® feature. This improves tooth movement and provides results that you can see.

Offers Good Fit: Being removable, these invisible aligners are comfortable with excellent fit and are easy to remove.

Effective Treatment: Invisible aligners can treat a wide variety of orthodontic conditions such as crowding, open bites crossbites, gaps between teeth, overbites, and underbites.

Virtually Invisible: People would not even notice you wearing Invisalign® because of its translucent nature.

Convenient:  Invisalign® is best for your busy schedule as you wouldn't have to visit your dentist more often.

What is the Invisalign® treatment process?

During your first visit with us for your Invisalign® treatment process, our San Ramon restorative dentist, Dr. Balakrishna would discuss with you about your orthodontic case and rule out whether Invisalign® is for you. 

Our dentist would use the iTero® digital scanner to generate quick, 3D digital images of your teeth. These images would allow the dentist to create a road map and a treatment plan. You'll also see the preview of your transformed smile. 

Our lab technicians would design your customized aligner, which you'd have to wear for a specific duration of time. The dentist would let you know about your next consultation and follow-up procedures.

Call our San Ramon dentist, Dr. Balakrishna, to know more about your Invisalign® treatment process.

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